Michael Jackson's Music Resonated in Washington for 40 Years

Michael Jackson went from child star to the King of Pop to a figure of constant controversy.
Friday, June 26, 2009

Concerts by the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were met with tumultuous welcome in Washington. Here's a sampling of The Post's coverage of those visits, along with reviews of some of Jackson's albums.

July 19, 1971: University of Maryland

"Bring on the Jackson 5." "We Want the Jackson 5," insisted the audience.

The lights flickered, and there was a huge, cacophonous roar. A roar that only 15-year-olds can deliver. The screams drowned out what must have been the loudest music in the Washington area on Saturday night. The screams didn't stop and neither did the music, for a solid hour.

Girls who had collected all the Jackson 5's singles, all of their albums, and as many of their pictures as they could, fainted. Others shook in their seats. More just screamed, but a large number were hypnotized.

When it was over, they pronounced it "dynamite" and "together." They didn't demand an encore, for they and the Jackson 5 had done it all.

Five brothers, sons of a Gary, Ind., factory worker, the Jackson 5 are to young blacks today what the Beatles were to young whites in the '60s.

-- Richard E. Prince

Dec. 29, 1973: Capital Centre

The Jackson 5, who became six with the addition of 12-year-old brother Randy earlier this year, attracted a heavy preteen and toddler crowd, 10,000-strong, to Largo's Capital Centre last night.

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