How 10 Others Were Involved and Sentenced in the D.C. Tax-Refund Scam

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ten people have pleaded guilty in the D.C. tax scam and been sentenced. Federal authorities are not likely to charge anyone else.

Jayrece Turnbull: Nine years

Walters's niece, who had a hand in stealing about $24 million over seven years, pleaded guilty to charges including mail fraud and tax evasion. Her erratic behavior when confronted by a SunTrust Bank employee suspicious of her attempt to deposit a $410,000 refund check set in motion the scheme's unraveling.

Connie Alexander: Three years, 10 months

Alexander was working at a Maryland casino in 1992 when she met Walters. Prosecutors traced about $3.2 million in stolen money to her. She pleaded guilty to receipt of stolen property and conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Walter Jones: Six years, six months

A former Bank of America assistant branch manager, he deposited almost $18 million in fraudulent checks between 2000 and 2006 and helped distribute stolen money to others. He acknowledged receiving at least $366,000. He pleaded guilty to money laundering.

Alethia Grooms: Three years, one month

Grooms often gambled with Walters at volunteer fire stations' casino nights. She acknowledged accepting about $650,000 in illegal funds and pleaded guilty to possession of stolen property, money laundering and mortgage fraud.

Samuel E. Pope: Four years, three months

The former hair salon owner or his business received almost $1.2 million in fraudulent refund checks. He got more than $400,000 in other payments. He pleaded guilty to mail fraud and money-laundering conspiracy.

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