A Way Around Maryland E-ZPass Fees

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As mentioned on the Commuter page of the June 28 Metro section, the Maryland Transportation Authority has approved a monthly $1.50 charge for each E-ZPass account, to be imposed beginning July 1. Many drivers will probably surrender their E-ZPass transponders rather than pay the $18 annual fee, causing longer lines at toll plazas throughout the state.

But did you know that an E-ZPass can be purchased outside Maryland and be used at any toll facility where E-ZPass is displayed? For example, E-ZPasses can be purchased from the Peace Bridge Authority in New York without a monthly maintenance fee and, if automatic replenishment by means of credit or debit card is chosen, the $10 tag deposit is waived.

Perhaps if drivers turned in their Maryland E-ZPasses and bought fee-free out-of-state ones, the Maryland Transportation Authority might reverse its decision to charge customers for the privilege of using those passes.


Silver Spring

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