The Fix: Sanford Admits To More Contact With Mistress

By Chris Cillizza
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 30, 2009; 1:15 PM

Updated, 3:05 p.m. ET: Sanford's very candid interview with the AP has the potential to derail what looked to be the increasing likelihood that he would hold on to his job.

The most problematic admission by Sanford in the interview is that he had strayed with other women but had not had sex with them.

Add that startling revelation to a number of odd quotes Sanford gave regarding his affair -- that his mistress "is his soul mate, but he will try to fall back in love with his wife" among others -- and you can see how Sanford has managed to pour fuel on a fire that appeared to be nearly out.

Not good.

In the aftermath of the interview, during which Sanford admitted meeting with his mistress on several occasions in New York, state attorney general Henry McMaster called for an investigation into the governor's trips.

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