2008 Capital Fringe Festival Fanatic Mike Riley Recommends Six 2009 Shows to See

"Deconstructing the Myth of the Booty" opens July 10.
"Deconstructing the Myth of the Booty" opens July 10. (Capital Fringe Festival)
Friday, July 3, 2009

Experience has taught Fringe Fanatic Mike Riley that festival shows don't always live up to their descriptions and that some descriptions pale in comparison to the rich experiences offered onstage. Here are six of this year's offerings that have earned a spot on his spreadsheet:

A.D. (Riverrun Theatre Company, opening July 22 at the Bedroom)

Fringe says: A "comic look at the world today," touching on "attention deficits, afternoon delights, American dreams, artistic differences, anxiety disorders" and more.

The Fanatic's take: Playwright David J. Loehr's '08 Fringe show, "A Report of Gunfire," "just hit me to the core," so he can't wait to see what Loehr does for an encore.

The Devil's Christmas Carol (OutoftheBlackBox Theatre Company, opening July 11 at the Mountain)

Fringe says: A musical about "lost souls condemned to perform 'A Christmas Carol' in Hell until they get it right."

The Fanatic's take: It sounds like enough of a "fun twist" to merit a visit.

Deconstructing the Myth of the Booty (The Saartjie Project, opening July 10 at Warehouse Arts Mainstage)

Fringe says: "Creatively explores body politics" using the 19th-century "Hottentot Venus" craze as a launching point. (Not to be confused with "The Attack of the Big Angry Booty," by the way -- totally different show.)

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