Criticizing The Post's Coverage of Michael Jackson's Death

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Post should be embarrassed by its coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. The June 27 articles -- two days after he died -- were particularly egregious, with one story at the top of Page 1 and two pages in the Style section wasted. The Post engaged in the cult of celebrity worship, placing an absurd amount of importance on a man who at best was nothing more than a talented singer. At worse, in a sadly successful public relations effort, he paid millions of dollars to the family of a child in a case of suspected molestation.

Just as too many Americans are gullible enough to think that Jackson's death represented some kind of loss to society, The Post, too, covered his passing with no journalistic objectivity or integrity. On June 27, articles about the funeral of a Metro operator, the detention of suspected terrorists and a major global warming bill all took a back seat to coverage of a freakish pop star whose life made little real impact on the world and left a terrible scar on the children he allegedly hurt.

The Post should save its ink for people and stories that matter.

-- Christopher Lancette

Silver Spring


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