Tuesday, July 7, 2009


How Acta Is Handling His Starters

The four longest outings in [Manager Manny] Acta's 402-game tenure have all come within the last 48 games. And three have come in the month-plus since Steve McCatty took over as pitching coach. And all have come since Mike Rizzo took over the general manager's office. . . . Acta has significantly better starters this year. He has a significantly weaker bullpen. But I also believe the organization wants to see how its starters respond to those late-inning, gotta-get-'em-out scenarios. This is hardly tantamount to abuse. . . . But it's surely a sign that starters will be given every chance to finish what they've started. This, for the Nationals, represents a change.

-- Chico Harlan


Remembering Steve McNair

I don't see . . . anything akin [to] a hero or role model in him. It's sad any time someone is murdered, and I hope they resolve this quickly. But also, what does it say about a man living in adultery? What memories will his children have of his murder? His kids will forever associate their dad's murder while in the bed of a woman not his wife. And that's even sadder than his murder.

-- HillRat

Big deal. Most high-profile men [have affairs], like [Bill] Clinton, [Gandhi], Martin Luther King. Why don't we focus on all the great things he did professionally and leave his personal life out of it?

-- katfish


'Ambassador' Ovechkin

NHL MVP Alex Ovechkin is offering his help to organizers of the first Winter Olympics in his native Russia. The Washington Capitals star, who has won the Hart Trophy as league MVP the past two seasons, will be an "official ambassador" for the 2014 Sochi Games, organizers said yesterday. Ovechkin played for Russia at the 2006 Turin Olympics and is expected to lead the team at next year's Winter Games in Vancouver. The announcement of his role with Sochi coincided with celebrations marking the two-year anniversary since the Black Sea resort was awarded the Games.

-- From News Services

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