U.S. Viewership of Selected News Events

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Michael Jackson memorial service was expected to be among the most-watched news events on television in the United States. Other top draws from the past two decades:

EventDate Average number of viewers
Gulf War, Day OneJan. 16, 199185.6 million
O.J. Simpson trial verdictOct. 5, 199553.9 million
Princess Diana's funeralSept. 6, 199733.3 million
President Clinton's apology address to the nationAug. 17, 199867.6 million
President Reagan's funeralJune 11, 200420.8 million
Michael Jackson trial verdictJune 13, 200530.6 million
President Ford's funeralJan. 2, 200715 million

SOURCE: Nielsen

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