Translating Tax Dollars Into Jobs and Health Care

Monday, July 13, 2009

With all the recent stories about the "slow" impact of the stimulus package ["Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold," front page, July 8], I want to bring attention to one major success story stemming from the new funding: community health centers, which serve 18 million people.

These health centers are in medically underserved urban and rural areas that are often the first and most severely hit by economic downturns. Not only has the stimulus funding enabled health centers to save and create jobs in the communities they serve, but it has also made it possible to extend health care to more people who have lost their jobs and coverage.

More funds will become available as the year rolls on, but the effects of the stimulus funding started immediately. Knowing that the funding was approved, many centers stopped cutting staffs and kept services available that would not have been possible without the money. Thousands of people have jobs today, and more families and individuals have access to care because of the stimulus funding. I hope that story comes through as well.


Associate Vice President

Federal and State Affairs

National Association

of Community Health Centers


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