Sen. Kaufman Questioning at Judge Sotomayor Confirmation Hearing

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009; 12:53 PM

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SEN. PATRICK LEAHY: Senator Kaufman is probably as knowledgeable as anybody on this committee, having run it for years before becoming a senator. I said before, judge, that senators are merely constitutional requirements or impediments to the staff. We know who really runs the place.

And, Senator Kaufman, it's over to you, sir.

SEN. TED KAUFMAN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

LEAHY: Oh, and I should make one announcement. You've been hearing from banging going on here. Apparently, the air conditioning went out which will probably come as welcome news to the -- some of the press who are freezing in the skyboxes up here. But it's not welcome news here with the crowd going on. And they are working on it, but I'm -- we're going to keep going as long as we can.

Senator Kaufman?

KAUFMAN: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

I, you know, one of the toughest assignments. I've been here long enough to know the toughest assignment is to stand between the audience and lunch. So I'm going to try bear up better that.

Good afternoon.

SONIA SOTOMAYOR: Good afternoon, Senator. It's good to be talking to you again.

KAUFMAN: It's good to see you. And I want to kind of take a different tack. I think Senator Whitehouse and Senator Klobuchar talked a lot about your time as a prosecutor. I'd like to move on to kind of your time as a commercial litigator. You were a prosecutor for five years, then you decided to go into commercial practice.

And I just -- what kind of where the thoughts behind you deciding when you left the D.A.'s office to go into commercial practice?

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