A Better Choice for Honduras Than Manuel Zelaya's Return

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The July 9 editorial "A Chance for Honduras" suggested that the best way to defeat deposed president Manuel Zelaya is to allow his return. I disagree.

Mr. Zelaya has violated the law numerous times. Recently, he and a mob of followers stormed a military base to seize and distribute ballots for an illegal referendum that could have paved the way for his reelection. This "coup by democratic means" has succeeded previously in Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador.

To bring back Mr. Zelaya as president would be a grave mistake. He would seek the help of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez to achieve through military means what he could not accomplish through democratic ones -- to become another caudillo in perpetuity and destabilize Central America. The best way to defeat Mr. Zelaya is by letting provisional President Roberto Micheletti call for new, internationally monitored elections immediately.



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