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Post Readers Propose First Paragraphs for Dick Cheney's Memoir

-- Chris Hanson, Washington

Like Ronald Reagan, I felt called to saddle my horse and ride east. History has taught us that it takes men of determination, homespun salt of the earth values and superhuman drive to respond when our nation is sorely tested. I am proud to be numbered in their small ranks. Whether you call it providential, as I do, or just plain luck, but what this country needed during a time that would try every man's soul was a couple of cowboys, men of the West. We molded our concept of president on the model of a small town sheriff* whose courage, strength of character and total power to mete out justice tamed the West. No eastern city slicker poring over legalese, no liberal dandy peeking from behind a barrel when fists start flying -- no! Just a couple of Western lawmen who fortuitously rode into town and set things right. Let me now begin this amazing saga with an account of my unpretentious beginnings in the hardscrabble Western frontier of Wyoming. So hold on to your chair and get ready for one hell of a ride.

* See Page 1,250 for an extensive bibliography on famous Western marshals and suggested video library from Turner Classic Movies.

-- Bill Tunney, Grantsville, Md.

As I put these words to paper, I reflect on our eight years in office and can rest assured that my dear friend George W. and I were motivated first and foremost by the welfare and safety of our citizens. We kept the nation safe in spite of unrelenting challenges to our security that only very few truly know. In time, those challenges and what we really did to meet them will become known. In the meantime, W and I will have to endure the slings and arrows from the unknowing. I am sure that now and then we will be ridiculed by the liberal media and made to look foolish by their gimmicks and games. I am in particular anticipating some of those Adam Clymer-type major [expletives] at the Washington Post or NY Times to come up with clever, smarmy ways to keep the hits coming. Let them have their misplaced hero worship for a man who will bankrupt the nation and make us exceedingly vulnerable to our enemies abroad with his mistaken notion that you can embrace vipers. Let the media have their fun. In the end, we will have the last laugh.

-- Robert E. Klein, Gainesville, Va.

Unaccustomed as I am to the truth . . .

-- R. Deierlein, White Plains, N.Y.

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