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Steele Delivers Remarks on Health Reform at National Press Club

When President Obama faced a credit crisis, a struggling economy, a housing bust, bankrupt auto companies, Wall Street failures, whatever the problem was, he responded by spending, spending and more spending. And now our president is proposing more debt, more risk, more experimentation.

His next big-ticket item is a risky multi-trillion dollar experiment with our health care, including a government-run health care plan. It not only risks our economy, it risks every American's health too.

President Obama says he wants to reduce health care costs. Well, Republicans agree: health care costs way too much; health insurance premiums have been -- risen three times faster than wages; health insurance is costing families and businesses too much and certainly we have to fix that.

But here's my question: How come the Democrats' plan to save money will cost us more money? How come their plan to reduce health care costs will cost us trillions more in tax dollars?

STEELE: Democrats boast that their plans only -- cost only about $1 trillion.

Now, you need to consider the absurdity of that idea alone. But that assertion is based on a deliberate misreading of the data.

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