Thursday, July 30, 2009


Nyjer Morgan, One Month Later

When Nyjer Morgan joined Washington via a trade from Pittsburgh one month ago, several uncertainties about his game came along with him. Would Morgan be able to hit above .280? Could he minimize his mistakes on the base paths? Could his defense, dazzling in left field, translate to center field, where Washington planned to play him? Well, we've seen Morgan for a month now. The answers, in order: Yes, yes and yes. . . . Check out the MLB leaders this month. Morgan is hitting .389 (in 22 games), fourth-best in baseball for July. His 13 stolen bases are tops.

-- Chico Harlan


Reader Comments on United-Firpo Tie

Except for the early years with Bruce Arena, United has always struggled against the possession-oriented, technically good Central American teams. United is typically slower, more cumbersome, and unable to hold the ball for any long stretches. For some reason, this team is not built for regional competition south of the border. Which is why I never hold out hope for any CONCACAF-related success.

-- joedoc1

Anybody else feel ripped off for attending last night's game? My ticket bought me a D.C. United reserve team game. That is not what I thought I was paying for.

-- Gambrills4


Mark Maske Q&A

Austin: You think Favre is finally finished?

Maske: I do think he's finished now. I know you can never say that for certain with him. But this was a perfect situation for him. This was his team of choice. He knew the coaching staff. He knew the offensive system. He had a great running back, a very good offensive line and a reliable defense around him. He would have been set up to succeed. . . . Now, the one scenario that could change everything is if the Vikings are playing well and lose their quarterback or quarterbacks in the middle of the season. Then, could it be Favre to the rescue, when his body wouldn't have to last an entire season? I could envision that, possibly.

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