The Details

Friday, July 31, 2009

Key provisions of the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009, approved by the House on Thursday:

Inspections Food and Drug Administration inspections of food facilities would increase from about once every 10 years to at least annually for high-risk facilities and at least once every three years for facilities deemed a low risk. FDA inspectors will have access to company records.

Registration Food processors, importers and other food handlers must register annually with the FDA and pay a yearly fee of $500 for each food facility.

Recalls The FDA could mandate the recall of tainted foods, instead of relying on food makers to pull items voluntarily.

Safe practices For the first time, the FDA could set standards for safe production of food on farms, as well as require food manufacturers to meet safety standards.

Imports Those importing food to the United States must meet the same safety standards as domestic food producers.

Traceability The secretary of Health and Human Services would be required to identify technology that can be used by food growers, manufacturers and distributors to determine the origin of food and its movement in the supply chain.

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