A Shameful Lawsuit in D.C. Murder Case

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Almost no one would disagree that the District's welfare and child protection services failed to do its job with regard to Banita Jacks and her children ["Judge Convicts Jacks of Murder in Deaths of Four Daughters," front page, July 30]. In all the articles I have read about this sad story, there is little or no mention of any family member making a serious attempt to intervene or see the children.

Knocking on the door and leaving when being told by Ms. Jacks does not constitute a serious attempt to do anything.

Yet the July 30 article noted that the families have filed a civil lawsuit against the District for failing to protect the children. This is appalling. The Fogle and Jacks families did not attempt to protect their own, and now seek to make some money from this tragedy. Shame on them.



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