Michael Vick In MLB?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

As you may have heard, convicted felon Michael Vick was reinstated by the NFL after serving a 20-month prison sentence for his involvement in a dog-fighting ring. Although interest in Vick among NFL teams entering the weekend appeared tepid, we suggest he try baseball instead. He was, after all, picked in the 30th round of the 2000 MLB draft. Here are five teams who might be willing to give him a chance:

5.Colorado Rockies. It was the Rockies who drafted Vick in 2000 (887th overall), despite the fact he hadn't played baseball since eighth grade. "The way he ran around the [football] field," Rockies scouting director Bill Schmidt said at the time, "we figure he could track down some balls in the outfield at Coors Field."

4.St. Louis Cardinals. It's hard to imagine Vick playing for Manager Tony La Russa, a PETA supporter who started his own foundation for rescuing abandoned animals. On the other hand, if the Cardinals' higher-ups really want to run La Russa out of town . . .

3.New York Mets. Sure, they're a train wreck. But they could represent Vick's quickest route to the big leagues, given that they're running an outfield of Cory Sullivan, Angel Pagán and Jeff Francoeur out there these days. And besides, GM Omar Minaya could use something to distract fans from his own bizarre behavior.

2.Washington Nationals. Okay, this joke worked better when Jim Bowden was still the GM, with his fetish for toolsy outfielders and troubled second-chancers. But even in the post-Bowden era, the team continues to employ Elijah Dukes, who once allegedly threatened to kill his wife and her kids. So they can't use the excuse that their standards are too high.

1.San Francisco Giants. Hey, if fans there could embrace Barry Bonds for 15 years, they can embrace anyone.

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