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The Redskins' Offensive Line Works Through Its Struggles and Battles Some Pain

The Redskins' training camp continues in Ashburn.

"I think head coaches are concerned about everything," he said. "But what I like is the effort and the shape that these guys have come in. I mean, it's hard. They're battling through muscle strains and things like that. They have come in pretty good shape."

It's a sentiment echoed by many around the practice field, who noted several linemen reported to camp slimmer and stronger than years past. The challenge now is to translate that to some semblance of success on the field.

"Coach Bugel expects a lot of intensity," Rinehart said, "and we have to give it to him."

On Tuesday, a half-hour after practice had ended, Bugel finally rose from his seat. He took a few steps and dropped to the ground for 60 quick push-ups. Then he walked around the end zone and the length of two football fields before dropping for 40 more push-ups.

He finished his walk, circling to the front of the building and retiring to his office. Film of the day's practice was waiting. There was plenty more work to be done.

Staff writers Jason Reid and Paul Tenorio contributed to this report.

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