Back to School: Heloise's Advice to College Freshman on Dorm Living

Heloise visits her alma mater, Texas State University at San Marcos, where she spends the day with students at the Honors Summer Math Camp. She visits her old room, holds a roundtable with students to answer questions and give tips on dorm living, and even holds a boys vs. girls fitted sheet folding contest. Video by Jura Koncius, edited by Ashley Barnas/The Washington Post
Thursday, August 6, 2009

Things every college freshman should know, courtesy of Heloise.

-- Overstuffing the washing machine is a common mistake. Pack the machine loosely and remember not to use more detergent than recommended on the packaging. If you overstuff a dryer, your clothes will take longer to dry and come out very wrinkled.

-- Don't lug a huge box or jug of detergent to the laundry room. It's too bulky and heavy to carry with your bag of dirty clothes. Instead, measure what you need into small plastic bags or yogurt cups.

-- Use dryer sheets sparingly and never with towels. (They can coat the fibers and reduce fluffiness.) Don't add a sheet in the middle of a heat cycle because it can leave greaselike spots on clothing. Dryer sheets are good to stuff in smelly shoes, gym bags, drawers and closets.

-- Turn the computer keyboard upside down and shake it every once in a while to get crumbs out. It will work better.

-- If you go out to eat, ask for takeout containers so you can make another meal out of leftovers.

-- Don't take your laundry home if the airline charges for checking luggage.

-- Every once in a while, clean the lounge microwave by heating a large bowl of water with slices of lemon or orange for a minute or two.

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