Back to School: Students Share Their Tips on Dorm Living

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Heloise recently met with students who were staying in a dorm as part of a six-week math camp at Texas State University at San Marcos. Here is their advice to future dorm dwellers.

Jura Koncius

"Bring lots of hangers. There are never enough around," Joel Arguelles, 18, Brownsville, Tex.

"Bring a water filter. You'll save money on bottled water," Raven Duran, 16, El Paso

"You need an iron, but you don't need an ironing board. You can iron on the bed," Alexavier Seals, 16, Memphis

"Instead of trying to figure out which clothes are dirty, I just wash everything I own when I do laundry," Cedric Strickland, 18, Atlanta

"Bring a lot of quarters," Jon Trujillo, 15, Natalia, Tex.,

"Do your laundry with a friend to save money, " Abigail Muniz, 16, El Paso

"Cleaning can be overwhelming, so do a little at a time between classes," Katherine Ramos, 16, El Paso

"If you're going to school up north, don't wash your hair and just run outside to class in the winter. Your hair will freeze," Stephanie Chan, 19, Sugar Land, Tex.

"If you are flying to college from far away, make friends with people who have cars and irons and other stuff, because you won't be able to bring your own," Donavion Huskey, 21, Claremont, Calif.

"It's okay to miss home. That's part of the whole experience," Moises Martinez, 16, Mission, Tex.

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