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The Redskins' training camp continues in Ashburn.
Friday, August 7, 2009



Days until the Redskins play the New York Giants on Sept. 13 in East Rutherford, N.J.


When: 2 p.m. (special teams only; closed to the public).

Where: Redskins Park, Ashburn.

Updates: 703-726-7411


The jersey number is evidence of Marques Hagans's professional football career. He wears No. 80 for the Washington Redskins. The number is reserved for a receiver -- not a quarterback.

Hagans enters his fourth season in the NFL after starring as a quarterback at Virginia. He moved to wide receiver upon joining the St. Louis Rams in 2006, but the adjustment has been an ongoing process.

Hagans played in four games with the Rams in 2007 and two games with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008. His career mostly has been spent on practice squads with the Rams, Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and Redskins, who signed Hagans last Dec. 9. He re-signed in January and has been with the team throughout the offseason.

Hagans is among a group of athletic college quarterbacks who moved to wide receiver in the NFL.

Perhaps the most successful player to make the transformation is the Redskins' Antwaan Randle El, an established seven-year veteran after playing quarterback at Indiana. But most players fail with the conversion, and Hagans has tried to avoid that list since 2006, when he first learned the position on the Rams practice squad.

He jokes he can still pass, but Hagans is unequivocally a receiver. His jersey serves as an indication. The challenge is keeping it.

"I think it's another year beyond from what I did the year before," Hagans said. "I think the transition has pretty much been made."


"It was very good, and that's going to be very significant. I wish we had some more time with them. The time they're going to spend with us is going to be invaluable. They're seeing the holding, offsides, illegal formation, illegal use of hands down the field. It's really going to help our players if they listen. We had one player today who held, the official threw the flag, and he rolled his eyes as if to contradict the official. That's not the response we want. What you got to do is think about what you did and how that looked to the official in that situation because the official is right."

Coach Jim Zorn, on having officials at practice


LB Alfred Fincher (groin)

T Stephon Heyer (knee)

WR Santana Moss (hamstring)

OL Rueben Riley (ankle)

CB Carlos Rogers (calf)

DL J.D. Skolnitsky (hamstring)

WR Devin Thomas (hamstring)

G Randy Thomas (knee)

LB Eddie Williams (hamstring)

OL Mike Williams (abdominal strain)


vs. Baltimore Ravens

When: Aug. 13, 7:30 p.m.

Where: M&T Bank Stadium.

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