Not Everyone Wants Michael Vick to Come Back

Monday, August 10, 2009

I was stopped cold by this line near the end of Sally Jenkins's Aug. 6 Sports column about former NFL quarterback and current felon Michael Vick: "Whatever you might feel about Vick's dog-killing offense, it's impossible not to hope that he plays again, and succeeds."

I can assure Ms. Jenkins that I am not hoping for Mr. Vick's success. This person admitted, in writing, to killing dogs "by various methods, including hanging and drowning." Evidently, because his prison term is up, all is to be forgiven, his debt paid, and we're now supposed to cheer for a man -- at the time of his crimes, a very wealthy man -- who tortured animals?

I'm a lifelong Washington Redskins fan. But I'm also a devoted dog owner, as surely countless other NFL fans are. Any franchise that rolls the dice on Mr. Vick is also gambling that its many fans who are animal lovers will continue to root enthusiastically for (and pay money to see) a team led by a confessed dog killer. That's a risky wager.


Silver Spring

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