Orakpo Draws Some Rave Reviews

Monday, August 10, 2009

The buzz about rookie defensive end/strong-side linebacker Brian Orakpo continues to grow.

In his first NFL training camp, Orakpo has exceeded expectations that were already high when the Redskins selected him with the No. 13 overall pick.

Orakpo often was unblockable during Saturday's intrasquad scrimmage when he rushed the passer as a hand-down end. Although Orakpo did not go against first-team tackles on every rep, he again displayed the speed and pass-rushing skills that have impressed veterans.

Pro Bowl offensive lineman Chris Samuels has observed Orakpo closely -- and has struggled in pass protection against him.

"He's strong, he's quick and he has the mentality of a five- or six-year vet in the game," Samuels said.

"He's coming hard. He's strong. He's really strong. He has the speed to beat you around the edge and beat you inside. But when it comes down to it, he can bull [rush] you and push you on top of the quarterback if you don't have proper hand position."

-- HOW TO STOP HAYNESWORTH?: Has St. Louis center Jason Brown figured out the secret to stopping Albert Haynesworth? He seems to think so.

In a St. Louis radio interview, Brown said in pretty simple terms that Haynesworth, a two-time Pro Bowler, tires easily. Brown played the last four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens, squaring off against Haynesworth and the Titans on four occasions, and Brown essentially said that when the Redskins play the Rams on Sept. 20, St. Louis would utilize a hurry-up offense to tire Haynesworth.

"I'm so glad we're playing Washington early in the year because it's going to be hot out there, we're going to be running hurry-up offense and he's going to get fatigued," Brown said. "And I'm not sure if you have watched film before, but when he gets fatigued, he taps out. He just falls down to the ground, and you're like: 'Oh my gosh, is he hurt? Is something wrong with him?' No, he's just giving the guy on the sidelines enough time to mosey on out there so he can get up, go to the sidelines, catch a breather, get something to drink and then he comes right back out.

"And then people are like, 'I thought he was hurt.' No, he got tired. But you know what, that's exactly what we're going to have to do when we play Washington. We're going to have to play hurry-up offense and make them tired."

"That's awesome," Zorn said with a chuckle, when told of Brown's comments. "What a great strategy."

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