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The Metropolist: A Few More Readers Get Their Licks In About Weile's Ice Cream

By The Metropolist
Friday, August 14, 2009

Congratulations to all the winners of the "alert reader" contest who pointed out that the nickname for the department store was "Woodies." See if you can catch this week's "obvious error"! Here's more on everyone's favorite ice cream joint:

Weile's (Part 2)

The ice cream creations were piled so high they seemed to defy gravity. Anything you can imagine went into these exotic sundaes, sodas, milkshakes and banana splits, and they were always topped off with a little paper pinwheel, flag or ornament. It was a feast at Weile's for the eyes as well as the stomach. It was hard to find the ice cream because of everything added to whip up the desired shape. But the ice cream was there, and you never left hungry, that's for sure.

-- Dorothy S. Lane,

Bethany Beach

Of all the Graham family's Sunday outings, I think Weile's, with its sticky tables and black and white photos, was one of my absolute favorites. I always ordered the same thing: the Dusty Road, a magical sundae with mysterious "dust" sprinkled all over it.

-- Laura Graham Fetters,


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