Mike Wise: Amid the Michael Vick News, Not Much Good to Report on the Redskins

The Redskins open their preseason schedule with a 23-0 loss in Baltimore.
By Mike Wise
Friday, August 14, 2009


Amid the neon-red scoreboard crawl line, which interrupted the game as if the Allies had landed -- MICHAEL VICK FINALLY EMPLOYED! Philly Has New QB to Berate -- preseason football was played here Thursday evening.

Unless the Ravens are your thing, it wasn't very good.

Fred Davis finally ran the correct routes, but he seemed to borrow Carlos Rogers's 2008 hands, fumbling twice.

The fourth-ranked defense from a year ago looked like the 24th-ranked defense against Joe Flacco, Troy Smith and assorted scrubs.

Justin Tryon and Kevin Barnes made Fred Smoot look 30 years young. Beaten deep, their doors blown off, the kids looked in no position to unseat the nine-year vet at corner.

Lorenzo Alexander and Mike Williams both left the game for something much more serious than a tummy ache -- they're calling their injuries abdominal strains. Not good.

And the offense that could hardly score in the final eight games a year ago barely missed a beat in picking up where it left off, failing to score or even move into the red zone during the only minutes that mattered -- Jason Campbell's minutes.

He played decently, completing 3 of 6 passes in 10 snaps, not taking any crazy chances and, thank goodness, leaving the game unscathed physically. But even the replacements couldn't get things going.

Todd Collins was a little more accurate, but not much more successful in directing Jim Zorn's multiple-read offense down the field.

Cult Brennan lost a few followers, throwing to a blanketed Marques Hagans, a ball that was picked off by Derrick Martin, for the first interception of Colt's spectacular preseason career.

If the legions are looking for a silver lining, the rookie Brian Orakpo looked like the second coming of Fred Dean or Warren Sapp, bull-rushing, emasculating any offensive lineman in front of him on his way to frightening the Baltimore backfield.

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