OnLove: Nuptials - Adrienne Olivia Lyau and Amadeu Eusebio Oliveira

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Adrienne Olivia Lyau, 26, is the director of Ohana of Polynesia, an entertainment group she founded. Amadeu Eusebio Oliveira, 26, is a manager of Safeway grocery stores. They live in Centreville.


LOCATION: Lansdowne Resort



How they met: Adrienne was living in Miami in 2005 when Hurricane Wilma left her without electricity or hot water. The California native decided to stay with friends in Northern Virginia until things returned to normal in Florida. During her visit, her host threw a Halloween party, and Amadeu showed up with a friend. Before he left that night, Adrienne asked, "Don't you want my number?" He did, and called her the next day. She returned to Florida (and then to California) before moving to Virginia to be with Amadeu last summer.

The proposal: After dinner in Old Town, the couple walked along the Potomac River. Amadeu made sure they were alone, then got down on one knee and asked Adrienne to marry him.

The wedding: Adrienne is of Chinese, Hawaiian and Mexican descent and Amadeu is Portuguese, so the two incorporated elements of their cultural heritage: The reception featured a Portuguese band and Polynesian dancers, and they served wine from his family's region of Portugal.

Honeymoon plans: Adrienne and Amadeu are spending three weeks in Spain and Portugal, including a visit to his home town.

-- Michelle Thomas

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