Your Turn: Reader Reaction to The Washington Post Magazine's Story on Death Metal, Date Lab and Tom Sietsema's Dining Column

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Excerpts from e-mails, online postings and chat comments:

Regarding the Aug. 9 cover story, "Into the Darkness"

d00dthrashbro commented:

Grindcore/punk musicians ... don't make up the carnage that we sing about; we just point out what the mainstream chooses to ignore: the horrors of war, spousal and child abuse and its ramifications, bloody hate crimes. This stuff happens. We're just here to remind you, and then maybe something will be done about it.

Dontneednosteenkingid commented:

Loved the article! I only wish hearing protection had been mentioned a bit more. Do any of the band members use stock or custom earplugs? At those volumes, unprotected musicians and listeners will almost certainly sustain irreparable hearing damage.

Regarding the Aug. 9 Date Lab

profyle 424 commented:

This was a great [Date Lab]. The two writers were not only friendly and decent people, but they didn't have a million expectations of what they could/would not tolerate once they met each other. Have you guys finally decided to match people together who are on the same maturity level? If so, kudos and keep it up!

Regarding the Aug. 9 Dining column, "Using Her Noodle"

John Carver e-mails:

I was very insulted by your review of Michael's Noodles. Throughout the review, you make numerous references to this restaurant being an outpost, and a journey worthwhile. An outpost from where? I would gather that more Post readers live closer to Michael's Noodles and Rockville than to 1150 15th St. NW. It's insulting to assume that every reader still lives in downtown D.C. Is Rockville an outpost?

Food critic Tom Sietsema responds:

Thanks for writing. I didn't mean to insult anyone in my review of Michael's Noodles. By "outpost," I simply meant "out of the city." (I didn't write the headline, by the way. A copy editor who lives in Maryland did!)

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