Rumor Has It Colt Brennan Is Making a Pass at Simpson

Sunday, August 16, 2009

With Michael Vick signed to wear Eagles colors next season, there's another hot free agent whose name was circulating Saturday morning at Redskins Park. But it's doubtful that pop tart Jessica Simpson could help the team's offensive woes too much.

On Friday, word started sweeping through the Internet that Simpson, fresh off a relationship with Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, has officially moved on and is dating Redskins quarterback Colt Brennan. The news hit celebrity blogs, sports blogs and even Hawaiian television.

It all originated with a story in Star magazine, which reported: "Colt, 26, began chasing Jessica back in July with sexy e-mails and text messages. The pair even set up webcams so they could chat face-to-face through their computers. And now, 'Colt sent Jessica tickets for his Sept. 13 game against the N.Y. Giants,' the source adds. 'And on July 31, Colt FedEx'd her a Redskins jersey. If she wears that jersey to the game, you know it means she's playing rough!' "

So what's the truth? Should Redskins fans worry about a Jessica Simpson curse spoiling their team's chances?

"My life coach Chris Cooley said I should neither confirm nor deny it," Brennan said after Saturday morning's practice.

Brennan first caught wind of the rumor Friday morning and immediately called Cooley. "I just told him, 'That doesn't sound like a rumor that I'd want to deny,' " said Cooley, declining to reveal the nature of Brennan's relationship with Simpson.

It didn't take much pressing, though, with Brennan. "Me being an honest guy, I have no idea what that's about," he said.

He thinks it might be a prank that originated in Romo's camp. "If it's Tony Romo who did that, it's absolutely hilarious," Brennan said. "And touche, Tony Romo."

-- SMOOT TRIES SAFETY: Top cornerback Shawn Springs occasionally worked at free safety last season to provide the team with quality depth behind starter LaRon Landry. Springs left in free agency, so the Redskins are using veteran corner Fred Smoot in the backup role. Smoot opened at corner in place of injured starter Carlos Rogers and played safety in Thursday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

"Safety is different than corner," secondary coach Jerry Gray said. "Corner, you've got the sidelines, you can do whatever you want. When you're playing safety, you've got to be inside-out, different angles all the time.

"And that's the thing. You've got to keep your feet moving, you've got to close, you've got to take baby steps to get close to the running back. You can't overextend. Safety is a totally different animal than corner."

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