The Race to Richmond: What Happened Last Week

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Democrat went on the offensive by hammering at his opponent's long anti-abortion record. He appeared with female supporters in Annandale and Portsmouth to argue that the former attorney general has been overly focused on the issue and holds extreme views. Deeds also visited the Eastern Shore to announce initiatives aimed at boosting the region's aquaculture industry.


The Republican started his month-long Winnebago tour across the state, motoring from rural Southern Virginia to coastal communities to Tysons Corner. In Newport News on Wednesday, he appeared with GOP attorney general candidate Ken Cuccinelli II, a state senator, to propose tougher sentences for drug dealers, closer monitoring of sex offenders and more funding for drug courts. He also lashed back at Deeds, accusing the state senator of "desperately" trying to whip up the Democratic base by invoking the abortion issue.

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