Talking Points

Talking Points

Sunday, August 16, 2009

No matter the results, partisans always find something in polls to trumpet. Here is what you'll probably hear from both sides:


They'll emphasize that it's early and not all that surprising that R. Creigh Deeds is behind, given a tough primary fight in the spring and the poor shape of the economy, which favors the party out of power. Democrats will note that issues matter and that the candidates are even on three of them: the economy and jobs, transportation and abortion. And they'll portray Robert F. McDonnell's support as weak, because just half of the Republican's backers say they're sure that they'll vote for him in November.


Republicans will be happy that their candidate has a 7-point lead among registered voters, but what they'll be talking about is his 15-point lead among likely voters. They'll note that among that group, he is over 50 percent, a clear sign of appeal. Robert F. McDonnell has broad-based support, with a big lead among independents and trailing slightly among moderates. And Republicans will highlight Deeds's performance in Northern Virginia, where the Democrat has the support of fewer than half of the voters and McDonnell runs about evenly with him.


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