Down to the Wire: How Some of Scott Boras's Recent High-Profile Draft Negotiations Played Out

Monday, August 17, 2009

How some of Boras's recent high-profile draft negotiations played out:

Pedro Alvarez

Pirates, 2008, No. 2 overall

Alvarez, against Boras's advice, verbally agreed to a $6 million deal at 11:59 p.m. on Aug. 15 -- one minute before the deadline. But after the Pirates missed the deadline for filing the contract terms by two minutes, Alvarez reneged. When he did not sign the contract or show up for a physical, MLB placed him on the restricted list. Before an arbitrator could rule on Alvarez's status, the team and Boras agreed on a $6.355 million deal.

Matt Wieters

Orioles, 2007, No. 5 overall

For two months, Boras (asking for $11 million) and the Orioles (offering $5.2 million) were at a stalemate over Wieters, and serious talks didn't begin until the day of the deadline (Aug. 15). Finally, the Orioles increased their offer to a guaranteed $6 million and a deal was reached 10 minutes before the midnight deadline.

Luke Hochevar

Dodgers, 2005, No. 40 overall

Hochevar's journey was a long, strange one. Locked in a stalemate with the Dodgers, Hochevar fired Boras as his agent, signed on with another agent, agreed to a $2.98 million deal in September, then reneged on the deal and re-hired Boras. After failing to sign with the Dodgers (who stood firm on the $2.98 million offer), he went to pitch for the independent Fort Worth Cats, re-entered the draft in 2006 and was chosen No. 1 overall by the Royals, with whom he eventually signed a contract worth a guaranteed $5.3 million.

Stephen Drew

Diamondbacks, 2004, No. 15 overall

Drew, the top-rated position player in the draft, fell to Arizona at No. 15 overall because of concerns over his bonus demands. In those days, the signing deadline was a week before the following year's draft -- in this case May 30. With little progress made that spring, Drew went to play for the independent Camden (N.J.) Riversharks and prepared to re-enter the draft. Arizona scouting director Mike Rizzo, now the Nationals' interim GM, was instrumental in getting Boras and Drew to agree to a deal for $5.5 million guaranteed, minutes before the midnight deadline.

-- Dave Sheinin

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