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Hundreds in California Camp Out to Receive Free Medical Care

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hundreds of people camped outside an arena in Inglewood, Calif., last week for a chance to get free medical services, such as eye exams, mammograms, root canals and X-rays, administered by volunteer doctors and nurses.

Fifteen hundred treatment tickets were distributed to the crowd, composed primarily of people who couldn't afford such care, though proof of insurance or income was not necessary. Hundreds were turned away the first day, the Los Angeles Times reported, but they were advised to come back on following days, when slots might be open.

The week-long event was organized by Remote Area Medical of Knoxville, Tenn. Of the more than 400 expeditions the nonprofit has led in its 24-year history, this was the first time it provided care in an urban area. The group's volunteers typically serve patients in rural parts of the United States and in underdeveloped countries such as Guyana and India.

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