You Won?t Find Putin On Russia?s Gogul

TechCrunch Europe
Tuesday, August 18, 2009; 1:53 AM

Gogul (sound familiar?) a new project specifically designed for safe searching and surfing for children has launched in Russia - but it has shades of China's infamous Green Dam project.

The new online service, consisting of a search engine and Internet Explorer add-on, allows parents to control their kid's internet access - in other words it's a kind of Net Nanny. But parents aren't fully in control here. The "approved content" consists of over 7,000 Russian web sites which are filtered by a slightly shadowy team. Plus, Gogul has already provoked a lot of - largely negative - feedback on Russian forums over it's name (er, Google anyone?) and ideological connection with an infamous government project called School Portal. For instance, you can't even search on the word 'Putin'.

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