The TV Column by Lisa de Moraes: Tom DeLay's Love of Dancing

By Lisa de Moraes
Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Former House honcho Tom DeLay stopped by ABC News's "Good Morning America" on Tuesday to answer probing questions about sequins and pink shirts.

One day earlier, "GMA" broke the story DeLay would be among the D-listers competing on the next edition of ABC Entertainment's ballroom dance competition series, "Dancing With the Stars."

"Conservative Republican, former congressman, former House majority leader!" ABC News princess Diane Sawyer squeaked incredulously by way of introducing the DeLay segment of the show. "Now set to hit the dance floor?!

"What does this say about America?! What does this say about Tom DeLay?!" she squealed.

After a quick break to mention that the bologna and liverwurst with which you are making sandwiches to pack in Junior's lunchbox might be giving Junior cancer, ABC News cuts back to its Big Story, tossing up a banner that read:

The Hammer does The Hustle

"The question is: Will tiptoeing around partisan factions and pirouetting on policy points lead to a winning ballroom bounce?" Chris Cuomo asked while Sawyer presumably left the set to go breathe into a brown paper bag.

"He may be the biggest surprise ever on 'Dancing with the Stars'!" Cuomo gushed. By now, it's obvious ABC Entertainment is putting another quarter in the tip jar every time ABC News can work the show name into this news story.

Cuomo gave The Reading of the DeLay Boilerplate:

Indicted by a Texas grand jury in 2005; forced to give up House post; won GOP primary in 2006; pulled out amid the Jack Abramoff scandal. Then, sensing there's enough sadness in the world without ABC News dwelling on the downer stuff, "GMA" cut to video of DeLay cooing over an adorable little white bichon frisé.

It's time to grill the Hammer!

"The $15 question: Why are you doing this?" Cuomo asked, cutting to the chase.

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