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The article misstated the number of wedding guests. Seventy-four guests attended.

OnLove: Nuptials -- Christine Schiwietz & Nino Kader in Vouliagmeni, Greece

(By Dimitri Papadimitriou)
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Christine Schiwietz, 37, is a sociology professor. Nino Kader, 37, is a public relations executive. They live in the District.


LOCATION: Island Art & Taste in Vouliagmeni, Greece



How they met: Nino, a friend of Christine's younger brother Thilo, was introduced to his future wife in 1991 while they were undergraduates at George Washington University. The two reconnected more than a decade later when Christine's brother invited them to attend his fencing competition in Washington. Later that evening, Thilo told Nino and Christine that they were "cut from the same cloth" and would make a good couple. Nino asked Christine out that night.

The proposal: On a Saturday morning in May 2008, Nino planned a sunrise walk at the Mall. While the couple sat at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps, Nino offered Christine a box containing one piece of chocolate. At first, Christine didn't notice anything else in the box -- then she spotted the ring. Nino dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him as the sunrise crested over the reflecting pool.

The wedding: The couple chose the date of their wedding to coincide with Greece's full August moon (believed to be the brightest of the year) and timed the outdoor ceremony to conclude as the sun was setting.

Their advice: "Don't stress over trivial nonsense the wedding industry wants to push on you. Enjoy the process -- it's your wedding. Don't let anybody else convince you of things you never had as part of your vision in the first place."

-- Michelle Thomas

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