Hitler Is a Conversation Stopper

By Kathleen Parker
Sunday, August 23, 2009

Midway through the month's town hall meetings on health care, it seems the shark has jumped the shark -- and even Hitler must be sick of himself.

The terrible tyrant can't get a rest these days. For eight years, he was George W. Bush. Now he's Barack H. Obama. We just can't quit the monster with the fur lip.

His latest appearance is on a poster of Obama with the iconic mustache, which looks more like a missed crumb than a manly punctuation mark. The poster has become a favored accessory among some of America's squeakier wheels.

There is some debate about whether the Hitler resurrectionists are haters or faux haters -- i.e., Democratic Party plants aimed at making Republicans seem crazed.

Whatever the truth -- and Truth morphs by the moment -- it seems increasingly clear that the erstwhile shining city upon a hill has become 'Toon Town, a circus of media acrobats, political clowns and street-corner barkers.

Step right up and get your cotton candy, it's only a dollar and the show is free!

One recent sideshow, a town hall in Las Vegas available for viewing on YouTube, features an Israeli American man railing to cameras when a woman nearby yells, "Heil Hitler."

What?! The man turns to berate her: "You're telling me, 'Heil Hitler'? Shame of [sic] you!"

The camera rolls; the man continues shouting about the high cost of a recent hospital visit; the woman dabs her eyes to clear away fake crocodile tears. It's a wrap.

Next up, zoom to Dartmouth, Mass., where Rep. Barney Frank addresses a town hall at the Dartmouth Council on Aging. A woman holding an Obama-as-Hitler poster asks the congressman why he supports a Nazi policy.

To the apparent delight of many, Frank says he will revert to his ethnic heritage and respond to the question with a question:

"On what planet do you spend most of your time?"

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