Abortion Has No Lighter Side, Even on ‘Family Guy'

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Your decision to run Lisa de Moraes's TV Column on " 'Family Guy's' Look at the Lighter Side of Abortion" [Style, Aug. 12] reflected a boorish lack of judgment.

There is no lighter side to this issue; it is one full of pain for all concerned.

Among those affected: women (and those who care about them) who find themselves having to even think about such a heart-wrenching decision; women suffering trauma after abortions; women who believe their individual rights are threatened to the degree that they would sacrifice the life of a human being; the children being aborted; and, finally, the larger society marked by the pernicious support for sacrificing the lives of its most innocent and helpless members.

So where is the lighter side?

-- Brian Brodfuehrer


The headline on the Aug. 12 TV Column disturbed me greatly. It may indeed be newsworthy to report on a supposed comedy about the taking of nascent human life. But The Post's characterization of abortion as having a "lighter side" trivialized what thoughtful people, for and against abortion, consider a matter not to be taken lightly.

-- Evelyn Kiley


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