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Dan Schneider, King of the Tween Comedies

6. Find That Funny Word

As a writer, Schneider can offer a mini-thesis on why "banana" is funnier than "apple." And if he can't find that just-right word, well, he'll make it up.

For one episode, "I made up the word 'hobknocker,' " recounts Schneider, citing a coinage that meant nothing more inappropriate than "fool," "moron" or "nub."After the show aired, though, people began appropriating the new word and attaching tawdrier definitions.

"Within days, if you went on," he says, "you could find all these alternate meanings that aren't accurate because I invented the word."

7. Work 'Round the Clock

As he embarks on his eighth straight show, Schneider does admit to one downside: He feels like "an engine that never gets a chance to relax," and says he works 100 hours a week.

Trainor corroborates: "He's the show-runner in a very literal sense. He's there morning and night, writing scripts and giving notes to the directors. He is ever-present."

But the CEO of Schneider's Bakery acknowledges: "It's a huge high to be able to earn a nice living doing the thing I love most -- making comedy." And millions of viewers continue to give their compliments to the chef.

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