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Virginia Tech Defensive End Nekos Brown, the Godfather of Go-Go's Son, Is Starting to Make Some Noise of His Own

Hokies defensive end Nekos Brown is making some noise of his own.
Hokies defensive end Nekos Brown is making some noise of his own. (By J. Pat Carter -- Associated Press)
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"When you see Nekos, he's just an impressive-size kid," said Kevin Heider, the former athletic director at Thomas Stone. "On the field, he's just flying around in all areas."

Music is still a part of Brown's life, although he is modest about his talent. He and his brother Wiley, a defensive back who will join Virginia Tech in the fall after transferring from Duquesne, sometimes play together, with Nekos on vocals and Wiley on the keyboard or the guitar.

"I love it," Chuck Brown said. "They're going to be good, I'm telling you. Right now, they're focused on football and the music is secondary, but the music is there. It's in them."

In fact, Nekos Brown has introduced Virginia Tech to go-go. He has brought some of his teammates to his father's concerts. Charley Wiles, the Hokies' defensive line coach, said he has a Chuck Brown CD and that some of the other coaches have downloaded his music.

"Neat guy," Wiles said. "Lot of energy. Just a cool cat. He's from that era, you know what I mean?"

Like any other parents, Chuck and Jocelyn Brown visited Blacksburg when Virginia Tech recruited their son. But with his flashy outfits and charismatic demeanor, the father attracted plenty of attention on his own. Now when he comes to Virginia Tech, he said, more fans ask his son Nekos for autographs after football games.

The Godfather of Go-Go let out a laugh and said, "Chip off the old block."

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