OnLove: Nuptials - Erika Lovley and Dan Lamothe

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Erika Lovley, 25, is a reporter for Politico. Dan Lamothe, 27, is a reporter for Military Times. They live in Alexandria.


LOCATION: Helen Hills Hills Chapel at Smith College, Northampton, Mass.; the Log Cabin, Holyoke, Mass.


How they met: In the spring of 2003, Erika, then a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, applied for an entry-level position at the student newspaper. After a grueling interview with the paper's managing editor that nearly brought her to tears, Erika was offered the job. But she almost turned it down because she so greatly disliked her new boss: Dan.

First date: The next fall, Erika and Dan made plans to watch a movie together. It was the night of the decisive game of the 2003 American League Division Series, and when the Boston Red Sox won the spot to play in the World Series, thousands of students poured outside in riotous celebration. Erika and Dan, as dutiful student reporters, spent the rest of their date filing stories about the chaos on campus.

The proposal: The day before Erika's graduation in 2006, Dan landed in the emergency room for stitches after cutting his knee. Despite the injury, he insisted on continuing with their dinner plans -- and then on walking about a mile from the restaurant to a secluded waterfall bridge. When they arrived, Dan hobbled onto the bridge and told Erika to turn around. She waited for several minutes while Dan struggled to get down on one knee. When she finally turned around, he was holding a ring.

The wedding: During the reception, Dan surprised his new wife with a special guest appearance from the University of Massachusetts mascot, Sam the Minuteman. The mascot, who was scheduled to be at the wedding for only about 15 minutes, ended up staying for the rest of the night.

-- Michelle Thomas

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