President Obama Delivers Remarks on Swine Flu

Tuesday, September 1, 2009; 2:17 PM


[*] OBAMA: Good afternoon, everybody.

Before I say a few words about the meeting we just had, I'd like to mention some good news that came out today about our economy. For the first time in 18 months, our manufacturing sector has expanded. And the statistics used to measure manufacturing output is the highest it's been in over two years. This means greater production of transportation, like cars, and electronic equipment, like computers and appliances. And it means these companies are starting to invest more and produce more. And it is a sign that we're on the path to economic recovery.

There's no doubt that we have a long way to go. And I and the other members of this administration will not let up until those Americans who are looking for jobs can find them. But this is another important sign we're heading in the right direction and that the steps we've taken to bring our economy back from the brink are working.

Now, we just had a good meeting about our ongoing efforts to prepare this country for the H1N1 flu virus this fall. And I want to thank John Brennan, our CDC Director, Tom Friedman -- Tom Frieden -- and Secretaries Sebelius, Napolitano, Duncan and Locke for all the good work that they've been doing to get us ready today.

OBAMA: As I said when we saw the first cases of this virus back in the spring, I don't want anybody to be alarmed, but I do want everybody to be prepared. We know that we usually get a second, larger wave of these flu viruses in the fall, and so response plans have been put in place across all levels of government. Our plans and decisions are based on the best scientific information available, and as the situation changes, we will continue to update the public.

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