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Michael McDonald teams up with Grizzly Bear.
Michael McDonald teams up with Grizzly Bear. (By Mark Humphrey -- Associated Press)
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind.

Brace yourselves: It's Unlikely Collaborations Week!

Grizzly Bear featuring Michael McDonald: "While You Wait for the Others" Apparently unafraid to unleash the bearded hunk of '70s awesomeness that is Michael McDonald upon an unsuspecting world, the Brooklyn hipsters collaborate with the ex-Doobie Brother on this melody-less, beat-less, irony-less version of the band's own track.

Massive Attack featuring Tunde Adebimpe: "Pray for Rain" Adebimpe, frontman of the currently on-hiatus TV on the Radio, enlivens this otherwise doom-y trip-hop track from Massive Attack's guest-star-heavy October EP, "Splitting the Atom."

Lil Wayne featuring Britney Spears: "Bad Girl" We're not sure where this Weezy-Britney collaboration came from, where it's bound for, or if it's a demo or a finished version. We're not even sure the sleepy, cough-syrupy vocalist is actually Spears. But we'd like to think it is.

Ida Maria featuring Iggy Pop: "Oh My God" Ida Maria teams with what sounds like the desiccated corpse of Iggy Pop on this otherwise-little-altered version of her '07 debut single.

Jay-Z featuring Aziz Ansari and Kanye West: "Hate" (DJ Aziz Ansari exclusive) Actor-comedian Ansari, currently the only funny thing about "Parks and Recreation," turns DJ on this redo of a "Blueprint 3" track. It's so amazing, descriptive powers fail us entirely.

-- Allison Stewart

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