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Journalists Should Retire the Team Attire

A few more leftovers from yet another dismal Redskins preseason that makes me think 6-10 is very possible, and 10-6 wildly wishful thinking.

-- He's baaaack. Yes, the still-insufferable "Vinny Cerrato Show" will be aired for a second season of non-information, hackneyed footballspeak radio on (where else?) WTEM. Here's a suggestion for the team's executive vice president for football operations: schedule a weekly 15-minute segment featuring Daniel "Decline to Comment" Snyder answering questions from listeners. Now that would be must-listen radio.

-- I do like the idea of WTEM giving Theismann his own show in a medium that's made for his all-talk, all-the-time style. But first, a disclaimer: I'm totally in the tank for Joe T, going back to the first day he showed up at Redskins Park in 1974 as an NFL rookie. I opened my notebook, asked a simple question and six hours later had enough material for 14 stories. (I exaggerate, of course, but not much.)

By the way, this is the truth: The man has never failed to return a phone call in 35 years I've known him, nor have I ever heard him utter the words "no comment." Not once, not ever. You may not like what he says, or the on-and-on torrent of words he occasionally needs to say it, but I'm not about to knock a man who never hesitates to offer an opinion, even when my pen started running out of ink.

Theismann will be on only once a week for now, but I suspect that may be a prelude to a regular presence on the station, and one of these years, a spot in the booth as a game analyst on the Redskins radio network.

-- I've tried to keep an open mind on the Sports Junkies, I really have. But every time I hear on them on WJFK (106.7 FM) describing someone as a "retard," I wonder why they're allowed on the air, or more germane, why I've even bothered to listen. And their totally inappropriate, mocking denigration of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy the day after he died may have been the final straw for me.

-- Oh yes, welcome back, Mr. Tony. More on the dueling divas at 10 a.m. -- my old Post colleagues Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wise -- in a future column.

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