Caps' Media Camp Gets Dose of the Real World

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So it turns out that Mike Green's upcoming appearance on MTV's Cribs wasn't the pinnacle of the Caps' cable stardom. The pop culture glare got even brighter on Tuesday, during the club's Media Fantasy Camp.

The event attracted D.C.'s print people and radio people and yes, TV people, which meant TV cameras. NBC's Lindsay Czarniak and Dan Hellie were there, with a cameraman. Fox 5's Dave Feldman was there, with a cameraman. WUSA's Sarah Walsh was there with a cameraman, too. But one gent -- whom none of the local media vets recognized -- came out later than everyone else, and with a five-person entourage, including one guy holding a boom mic. I mean, when you have more people behind you than Dave Feldman, you know you're important.

When asked where he was from, this guy said "Baltimore," which wasn't what we meant. When asked whom they were with, one of the important people said they were "shooting a documentary." This fellow, named Ty, said he's interning with the Caps and is doing a sort of documentary, but declined to provide more specifics. Twitter had provided all the specifics, though, in the form of Tweets about a Real World D.C. cast member who was interning with the Caps.

When asked whether this fellow was in fact with Real World D.C., the Caps declined to comment. A real reality TV mystery!

(Speaking of MTV, I thought Vinny Cerrato was collaborating with Punk'd when I heard Marcus Mason's story of making the Redskins.

"Actually, I didn't get a call," the running back said Monday on The Fan's LaVar Arrington Show With Chad Dukes. "I was at Redskins Park after treatment, I had to get treatment . . . and I was just sitting there. And Vinny Cerrato came down the stairs, and he was like, 'Mase, I need to talk to you.' And I was like, 'Aww no, are you serious?' Then Ashton Kutcher jumped out from Albert Haynesworth's locker, and Cerrato launched the reveal.

"He was like, 'Nah, I'm just playing with you this time,' " Mason continued. "He's like, 'Nah, you can chill out, you can go home and chill now.' That's when I knew."

Anyhow, Ty the Intern went through hockey drills with local media members, taking faceoffs against Boyd Gordon, driving into the boards with Matt Bradley, and learning how to skate from backup backup backup goalie Brett Leonhardt. He told Bradley it was his second time on skates, and indeed, when attempting to score during a breakaway drill against USA Today's A.J. Perez, he fell to the ice, his helmet toppling off his head. During one of his faceoffs against Gordon, he kept drifting backward; "Where am I going?" he asked the world.

But Bradley said he was "pretty good" for such a novice, and he showed no small amount of athleticism.

"I fell less than 10 times," Ty noted gamely, "so it wasn't a failure."

(Turns out he was a cornerback at Gilman in Baltimore and then at Trinity College, and he's a huge Ravens fan.)

After the camp, Ty sat at Alex Ovechkin's locker while the TV folks asked various media members to sign releases. And yes, this means that WTOP's Jonathan Warner could theoretically make his MTV debut in the near future. See, pop culture loves the Caps.

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