Metro Was Ill-Prepared for Conservative March, Texas Congressman Says

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Texas congressman sent a letter Wednesday to Metro General Manager John B. Catoe Jr. demanding an explanation for why the transit agency didn't do more to prepare for the massive influx of conservative activists at Saturday's march on the Mall.

Rep. Kevin Brady (R) said an 80-year-old woman and her 60-year-old daughter were forced to walk and pay for a cab because the subway system was so crowded. He said he heard many complaints from people who traveled long distances to attend the event, which served to challenge some of President Obama's signature policies.

"Based upon numerous eyewitness reports by participants in the march, it is clear Metro did not adequately prepare for the influx of Americans traveling to D.C. for this historic event," Brady said in his letter.

Metro spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein said the circumstances surrounding the large crowds will be researched and a response will be sent to Brady. She said she couldn't elaborate because she had not read the letter.

-- James Hohmann

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