OnLove - Nuptials: Priya Sharma and Marco Konings

(Len Depas Photography)
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Priya Sharma, 29, is a public-interest lawyer. Marco Konings, 32, is a proposal manager. They live in Silver Spring.


LOCATION: Stone Manor Country Club, Middletown



How they met: As a law student in the D.C. area in 2004, Priya went to Geneva for a summer study-abroad program. The same summer, Marco, a native of the Netherlands, visited Geneva through an internship program sponsored by Syracuse University. Both programs selected the same residential facility, and shortly after arriving, a friend noticed Marco staring at Priya. That evening he asked her out to dinner. About a week later Priya left for France to continue her program. She thought she'd never see Marco again, but the following weekend, he rented a car and took her on a trip to Champagne. Priya soon returned to the United States, and two weeks later, Marco returned here, too.

The proposal: Marco arranged for a private table at the restaurant Tosca, where he presented Priya with champagne he had shipped from their favorite winery in France. He proposed at dinner, then took her to the Warner Theatre to see a cover band playing Beatles songs, her favorite.

The wedding: The couple themed the wedding around their first trip to France: Their colors? Champagne and burgundy. The wine? From Champagne and Burgundy. And they fused their Indian and European heritages by hosting an Indian ceremony at a manor reminiscent of the French countryside, followed by a four-course French meal.

-- Michelle Thomas

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