Peaceoholics Mentor Goes After High School Girls

By Colbert I. King
Saturday, September 19, 2009

Imagine your 15-year-old daughter being approached in high school by a 50-year-old man who bears the official title of mentor. Imagine, too, that he asks her to "walk and have a talk," leads her down a stairwell to the basement of the school, and grabs her by the buttocks, pulls her toward him, causing their genital areas to touch, grabs her hand, places it in his groin, telling her "this is what you do to me."

Imagine that he kisses her, forcing his tongue into her mouth, that she runs up the stairwell from him and that he yells at her not to tell anyone.

Imagine that your daughter, crying and shaking, seeks out a friend and describes the assault.

Also imagine your daughter and her friend attempt to leave the school property but are stopped by a D.C. police officer assigned to the school because he could tell that your daughter was distraught. Visualize the officer asking her what was wrong, and her telling him, "Nothing, I want to go home to get my mother."

In your imagination, you see the officer persist, saying to the girls that something was obviously wrong, and you hear her friend tell him that your daughter had been touched inappropriately by the man.

Imagine the police officer asking your daughter again what happened, and that, still crying, she tells him what the man did. Imagine that the officer takes action, placing your daughter and her friend in a police car to be transported to a police station; that during the ride, a female police officer asks what had happened and that your daughter, still distraught and crying, tells the officer what the man did.

In your mind, imagine that the man:

-- Had made inappropriate remarks to your daughter days before the assault, saying, "I want more than a mentor relationship, I want a 'friends with benefits' relationship."

-- Told a 17-year-old female student that he had been locked up for 22 years for killing two people, that he likes to drink alcohol, smoke marijuana and have sex, and that he thought she has beautiful breasts.

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