Date Lab

Sunday, September 27, 2009

7:30 p.m., Zola, Penn Quarter

Ife-Chudeni: A few days before, I found out my date's name was Kirby. I checked Facebook and saw this guy I knew from the D.C. poetry scene. I sent him a message and asked him if he was doing Date Lab. He [said he] was. I didn't know him well. I didn't even know his first name.

Kirby: I was like, This is really cool, because I already knew her. It was less pressure. [The night of our date,] she was there first. The hostess took me to her table. I thought, Oh, she's still got it. I always thought she was nice-looking. She's always smiling, which is always attractive.

Ife-Chudeni: [When he walked over,] I got out of the booth, and we gave each other a hug. I thought he was handsome. He was looking right and tight with one of his signature bow ties. We jumped right into conversation.

Kirby: We talked about the city, school, some of our background and the get-to-know-you type questions. We were talking and not really looking at the menus. The waiter kept coming back, so we finally did. She eats only fish and seafood. I eat meat, [and] well, just about everything. It wasn't a big deal. She didn't make me feel bad about eating meat.

Ife-Chudeni: We already had the poetry and writing scene in common. I admitted I'm a karaoke fanatic. He has friends who are [too] and gets dragged along. We bonded over that and line dancing, [another thing] we have in common.

Kirby: We talked about favorite karaoke songs. She likes Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." I am partial to John Legend.

Ife-Chudeni: It definitely seemed comfortable right off the bat. I didn't feel like I always had to have a question ready to keep the conversation going.

Kirby: After dessert, [we paid and] went outside to take a few pictures. It was just 10 p.m., so we walked around Chinatown for a bit. I was talking about some of the line dances that I know. She knew one that I didn't know. I said, "I think you should teach me." So she taught me the Cleveland Shuffle right there on the sidewalk. People were walking by like, What is going on? That was really, really fun.

Ife-Chudeni: The sidewalk was our nightclub for the night. It could have been weird in a different situation, but it was cool and chill. [Then] we hugged, and he made sure I had a way of getting home. I jumped on the bus. He got on the Metro.

Kirby: I'd give the date a 4 [out of 5]. I would definitely like to go out again. I had a really great time.

Ife-Chudeni: I would give it a 4. He's a really nice guy. There's potential.

-- Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: Ife-Chudeni and Kirby saw each other again at a poetry event and talked about another date, but they haven't yet made plans.



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