Confederate Flag Must Be Retired, Not Revered

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kathleen Parker's Sept. 20 op-ed column, "Playing the Racial Deck," raised an issue that continues to confound me. Concerning Rep. Joe Wilson having fought efforts to remove the Confederate battle flag from flying over the South Carolina statehouse, Ms. Parker wrote that "many Southerners view the flag as a symbol of their ancestors' valor, not as a defense of slavery or animosity toward blacks," as if this is a reasonable thought process.

How does one discount more than 200 years of the inhumane domination of blacks for the economic success and comfort of whites and capsulize it into the valor of one's ancestors?

What valor? Valor in ripping the nation asunder for the continuance of that vile institution called slavery?

It is ludicrous to suppose that such a view doesn't send a message of animosity to blacks.

Under the First Amendment, anyone in this country has the right to fly the Confederate flag. But don't hide behind "valor" and revisionist history. Own up to what your ancestors did and what you are celebrating.


Upper Marlboro

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