Verizon Passes On The Palm Pre

Devin Coldewey
Thursday, September 24, 2009; 2:15 PM

In a rather surprising move considering Verizon's lack of compelling handsets, the nation's biggest wireless carrier has decided it's going to pass on the Palm Pre, if reports are to be believed. This is a serious blow to Palm's aspirations, and their stock took a 5% hit as if to rubber-stamp it. Although the team here is divided over Palm's new efforts (and advertising strategy), I think we were all secretly rooting for Palm just a bit. After all, WebOS is impressive and the Pre and Pixi are solid little devices ¿ but Verizon doesn't think so, or at least not anymore.Nobody can deny that sales have been underwhelming ¿ half a million is about where I'd place them, which is no way to launch a giant-killer. That's Verizon's first complaint, and you can't really blame them. Okay, strike one.

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